Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival

We worked on:
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Visual Identity
Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival (HÕFF) is one of Estonia’s most exciting film festivals, bringing a variety of horror films, shorts, mystic thrillers and B-class comedies to the audience that are unlikely ever to be shown on TV. During the 3-day festival visitors can experience a wonderful atmosphere, great parties and hospitality characteristic to the town of Haapsalu.

When creating this years visuals we found inspiration from the rebellious attitude of the festival and the boring approach of mainstream advertising – the use of stock photos, which we’ve all come to hate. Exept we searched for photos that were so ridiculous that we couldn’t imagine any other use for them than this quirky film festival. As a response to facebook & public advertising guidelines which get more and more strict with every year we decided to unleash codename “free the nipple” with this project. We’re happy to announce that the visuals didn’t get banned neither from facebook or public places. Visual communication by us together with a fantastic programme has brought a record sum of visitors to the festival for two years in a row.